Bridge Of Spies

So long I've waited for you to come to me
anticipated what I would say
And no one could know how it feels to be
in your embrace again
so tender
there were times I could not hold on
Each day that came a little more hope was gone
I'd look into my heart to see what I had done
And now I can't believe
the day is finally come!
I am walking over the bridge of spies today
Freedom is only one more step away
you only have to hold me
Take me to you!
Now the things we wanted
they're so far away it seems
Your love is a distant thing that I kept deep inside of me
Now if I could show you where I lived in my fantasy
On the continent of dreams you'd be with me
I don't know if I could go through it all again
For what's the point if you are never free to say
This is what I believe
this is a part of me
No hero
no regrets
but only meant to be
I am walking over the bridge of spies today
I am walking over the bridge of spies today

Hold me
hold me! Hold me
hold me!

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