Ice Cream Time

Your skin is getting sun-tanned;
I don't want to peel it off today
So pass me the lotion 20,
My nose has had enough today

My body, glitter glamour
Upon my towel I slip away
I got to go, I got to go, the sea is calling and

The sun is in my head and it's OK It's an ice cream day (3x)
Sun's in my head

Pass me my sunglasses
You sat on yours I still got mine
Just stretch out your right hand
They're in the plastic bag behind

The stereo Motorpsychos,
Just chilling, it's a holiday
Don't turn 'em off don't turn 'em off just let it play because

Their song is in my head and it's OK It's an ice cream day (3x)
Sun's in my head

I sweep my sweaty eyes
wide open when she's walking by again

Pamela Anderson look-alikes lay naked in the sand
I quickly turn around to dig a bigger hole for my best friend

Again Summer slips away too fast again
Again Well eight more days to make them last ,amake them last

And the sun is in my head and it's OK it's an ice cream day (3x)
Sun's in my head

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