So farewell to the king,
Farewell to the throne
These are the strangest times I've ever known
He claims his resignation as power of choice,
I can hear the death in his voice

So down the rabbit hole we sink into this dream,
Is there nothing in this world that is as it seems
With a looking glass that only can reflect the past,
This image of freedom will never last


Come all you mad men
Join in the sound, 'til they put us underground
Buried deep, buried deep
Where the dead men sleep
With bellows and screams, we'll all sing
So loud we drown them out

Left in the hands of the cruelty of fate,
On a chess board that's never known checkmate
Annihilation's knocking at my front door,
The scales had to make sure to even the score


A detailed dissertation of what kills and destroys,
How much of what we say just turns to white noise?
Regardless I'll declare all remarks and jeers,
If only to fall on deaf ears

[Chorus x2]

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