Top 40

Idle Fame with a plastic smile
Controversial relations keep you on top for a while
At the top of the charts, the bottom of the barrel

Success depends upon the company you keep
Compositions sugar-coated with messages puddle deep
Emotions bought and sold and the going rate is cheap

Gimme gimme gimme a lesson in pop star 101
'Cause I can smile and I can dance
Pull my strings and give me some cash
I don't wanna, I don't wanna
Lead a normal life a work like all the others
Top 40 look out, 'cause I'm gonna be #1

Business tycoons writing songs in crayon
Consumer reports show what needs good distribution
Appeal to the masses the best as you can

Radio Djs spreading your disease
Infectious transmission from sea to shining sea
Music without soul, an empty shell

Radio dial can be heard for miles
But the only thing coming through is a narrow point of view
Just thing one day this could be you

Top 40 got no soul but it will when I take control

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