Paroles de chanson The Venus In Furs: Tumbling Down

Tumbling Down

Gee, but it's hard when one lowers one's guard to the vultures
But, me, I regard it a torturous hardship that smoulders
Like a peppermint eaten away,
Will I fight, will I swagger or sway?
Hee hee, m'lady, she cries like a baby, scold us,
See her tumbling down, see her tumbling down

Hail to the monkey, we're having a funky reunion
Wasted and sunk he can only have sunday communion
He's got nicotine stains in his eyes
He's got nothing to protect but his pride
All smothered in kiss or be drowned in blissful confusion
See her tumbling down, see her tumbling down,
See her tumbling down, tumbling down

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