Paroles de chanson Weird Al Yankovic: Windows 95 Sucks!

Windows 95 Sucks!

Original lyrics from : Rolling Stones, "Start me up"
Well, I bought up
Brought windows home,
and d'cided to boot it up
But when I load it up,
It says my memory is not enough
I'd be runnin' out
I need some extra RAM to fix me up
I have to cough it up
Open my wallet up
It never stops (4x)
It's Windows 95!
It suckin' up my Drive
It' makes a pretty all fine
But my PC is obsolete
I'll have to buy myself a brandnew machine
Bring it up
Stick me up
You suck me in, and then you got me hooked
You got me, you got me
There's so much stuff to buy
I need a new harddrive
It's gonna suck me dry
My CPU says, 'don't have the speed',
it takes an hour just to bring up the screen
Oh no
I making software buys,
It's making Bill Gated come
You make a rich man come
Sent by Weird Al Platypus!

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