Inside My Room

Close the door and turn the lights low
Take a second take life slow
Listen to the sirens in the night's glow
Insidie my room

Close your eyes and let time stop
Unwind and let your mind pop
And just smile while the bomb drop
Inside my room

i got 4 walls around a 12 foot kingdom
it's where my heart's at, it's where i sing from
my land where my fates are smilin,
come on in and i'll grant you asylum
posters on the wall anounce a better way
pictures on the shelf recall a better day
the monster in the closet turned out to be a friend of mine
so now it's cool we're tight, i mean we're hangin' out like all the time
coast to coast i'm known to roam
renouned mostly for nouns and verbs as i spit sound
and my flights of fantasy race round reality
chase down insanity here where i hit ground
and it's bound to be almost profound to me
to be sound asleep beneath my roof, between my sheets
it makes me pause, count blessings, learn lessons
stop stressin' for a second, then i get back to busy streets


Here it is the island where I spent my punishment
Where Boogie monsters boogied
Where the wild things came and went
I spend a thousand million hours in my winter's discontent
Staring out at flowers, during April showers
But now the door is mine to open or to close as I see fit
A fort for all my treasures walls to things that don't mean shit
I elevate my state here when I see my life in pits
And I've got lip shaped pillows so I'm always being kissed
We held our secret meetings here
Belted out the beatings here
To get the help to find myself I'm be myself retreating here
We speak a secret greeting here so only friends can pass
A moat to all my troubles and them I'm free at last
I'm the dj on the tables, I'm the mc on the mic
I'm the guy that rocks the solo and the hand that brings the light
I'm the tears upon my pillow and the frog that sings in spite
Because the things that come in here are only things I like


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