Testo canzone di 30 Odd Foot of Grunts: Painted Veil

Painted Veil

Painted Veil (I Should Have Been Amazed)
(Crowe, Wilkins,Lani)
I passed on the painted veil
Somerset, some other time and love
Weighed without intention
And that caught her eye
She knew what I was thinking of
Im not that hard to find
When I wish of her
I wish her beneath my gaze
And if I drink of her it will
Be all my days
And when she told me she was a trinket
I forgot to be amazed
I should have been amazed
Sand in the hallway
The glisten of her laugh
Ive never found it easier to spend my days
My soul sings the prowlers nocturne
From deep down within this cage
We have too many last nights in our lives
Too many desperate hours
Whispering goodbyes
And baby the earth shook
The last time I heard you cry
Yes you loved me
Gently caressed my face
Not some little sorcery
Some simple twist of fate
I was hundreds of feet away
I should have been amazed
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