Sweet Home Alabama

well jimmy moved in with his mother
cuz he aint got no place to go
and im now im right back in the gutter
with a garbage bag thats full of clothes

cuz u live at home in a trailer
what the hell u gonna do
cuz i live at home in a trailer
mom i'm coming home to u

well my names jimmy and his names greg buel
and me him n u went to the same school
this aint cool- im in a rage- he tappin my mom-
were almost the same age
on the microphone i drop bombs
look at this car-thanx alot mom
here happy birthday rabbit
heres a brand new car- u can have it
its 1928 delta this shit wont even get me to the shelter
and i cant even stand for a motown
cause iim back in the 8-1-0 now

cuz i live at home in a trailer,
mom im commin home to you

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