Testo canzone di A Flock Of Seagulls: Say You Love Me

Say You Love Me

(M Score, E Berner, D Pichette, AJ Mazzetti)

say you love me come on say you do
say you need me just like i need you
it's in your eyes i see it in your smile
say you love me if only for a while
won't waste my time on other love
if you were mine lord above
i still remember when our eyes first met
there's something about you that i just can't forget
you made my heart into an open door
say you need me can't take it anymore
don't waste you time on other love
when you are mine lord above
my heart's been toss like a ship on the ocean
i'm beaten and driven on waves of emotion
that carry me carry me carry me
on to your shore
you stand like a statue of pure alabaster
surrounded by sirens on rock of disaster
they're calling me calling me calling me
into your heart where i'm torn apart
say you love me come on say you do
say you need me don't treat me like a fool
it's in your eyes i know it's in your touch
say you love me say you love me say you love me

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