Unleashed Axe-age

(This vision should not be seen as a part of the upcoming Viking trend)
Ancient! we invoke
The polarities are united as one
We are united as one
By oaths once sworn - by blood
The powers of darkness are unleashed
Fire of Surt engulfes the world
Fenrir unbound
Midgard drowned by the sea - let Naglfar be launched
The chains of Fenrir are rent asunder
And the wolf shall course about
An axe-age, a sword-age
Come forth to receive the mark of fate
And prepare yourself for battle
The sun shall darken
Vapour and fire shall rage together
Till the leaping flame licks heaven itself
That the earth will be renewed in splendour
And Surt shall endure, as Baldur endures
For the powers of darkness are eternal
The twilight as come
The dawn breaks in the east
The world is alive
Loki lives upon the earth
It is done
The fire engulfs the earth
Fenrir is free - the stars are falling

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