Deep Dark Forest

Sky is clear and the moon shines bright
The stars ?? through the trees
The night is black and the snow is white
All things seem ??

The glowing eyes of animals around staring at me
The cold wind blows into my face
Like ?? does it see

Full moon shines ?? down
The day shall never come
My tears are running from my eyes
My blood spills from my arms

I am immortal I can't die but I will feel deep pain
My eyes are red, my hair is black
Like ??

Eternal is dark forest
Eternal is the night
Deep dark forest eternally

The sun rise up I clear believed
The forest sight in me
But winter is The days are short
And dark are all the trees

The sun goes down, the twilight comes followed by the night
Silent stands the deep dark forest and the moon shines bright

Eternal is dark forest
Eternal is the night
Deep dark forest eternally

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