Start The Fire

You?re baby?s going out
But she doesn?t wanna go with you
When the beat is loud
Then she wants to dance with someone new
She moves with the disco nation

But you shouldn?t lay the blame
Don?t point your hand in our direction
You shouldn?t play the saint
We always rocked your party

We didn?t start the fire
It was always burning since the world?s been turning
No, we didn't start the fire
No we didn?t light it but we tried to fight it

Oo-aa, oo-aa
Oo-aa, oo-aa

When your baby?s on the move
Don?t you blame it on the melody
It?s just another groove
Being laid out for the dancing feet
By this Alcazar DJ

So you should lay the blame …

We didn?t start the fire …

Everybody?s dreaming
Everybody?s screaming
Everybody?s steaming
on the night train night train
Everybody?s swaying
Everybody?s yeah-ing
Everybody?s playing
on the love game love game

You should lay the blame …

(We didn?t start the fire)

We didn?t start the fire … (x 2)

We didn?t start the fire

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