Testo canzone di ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION: Committed To Life Feat. Assata Shakur

Committed To Life Feat. Assata Shakur

Written by: P. Andrade, A. Shakur, Das, Pandit, Savale, Tailor, Zaman

I'll be honest with you:
I hate war in all it's forms-
Physical, Psychological, Spiritual... Emotional... Environmental
I hate war...
And I hate having to struggle - I honestly do
Because I wish I had been into a world where it was
This context of struggle and being a warrior and being a
Has been forced on me by oppression.
Otherwise I would be a sculptor, or a gardener,
Carpenter - you know, I would be free to be so much more...

I guess part of me or a part of who I am, a part of what I do
Is being a warrior - a reluctant warrior, a reluctant struggler
But... I do it because I'm committed to life
We can't avoid it, we can't run away from it
Because to do that is to be... cowardice-
To do that is to be subservient... to devils, subservient to
Evil and so that the only way to live on this planet
With any human dignity at the moment is to struggle.

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