Testo canzone di ASIAN DUB FOUNDATION: Enemy Of The Enemy

Enemy Of The Enemy

Album: Enemy Of The Enemy (2003)

Enemy of the Enemy is a Friend (Til he's the enemy again)
Babylon is really burning this time
coming home to roost on a Soviet landmine
Climbing out the subway burning eyes spinning head
Walking through the station breaking into a cold sweat
Is the ticking time bomb in my head or your bag
Have you been snorting white lines with President Gas
Crawling from the wreckage of my tumblin' tower block
Someone else had to finish the jo
It was the enemy of the enemy
The enemy of the enemy
The enemy of the enemy
He's a friend
Til he's the enemy again
Starin' out the window at 50 000 feet
At the mercy of the skies there's no escape velocity
And as your eyes meet my skin see the terror on your face
Do You want it to stop put yourself in their place
Where what your life is worth depends on where you live
Too many generations down the line to forgive
If all you knew was total war from every side
You'd have to decide
Who's the enemy of the enemy
The enemy of the enemy
Who's the enemy of the enemy
He's a friend
til he's the enemy again
Choose the enemy
Know the enemy
Love the enemy
Feed the enemy
Sleep with the enemy
Arm the enemy
Sell the enemy
Bomb the enemy
Keep your friends close
Keep your enemies closer

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