One Thousand Kisses

I know it is a bitter pill to take
And no attention
Makes you believe that you're a fake
But that's not true
You're a beautiful girl
I want to love you
And bring some joy back to your world


One thousand kisses
Can heal the pain inside
I am determined
To turn your frown into a smile
One thousand kisses
Can mend your broken heart
To get your life back on track
I'm ready to start

Ready to fart

Is what I'm ready to offer you
Ease your tension
That is what I'm gonna do
So don't be sad
Cos you're a beautiful girl
You'll be glad
When I bring joy back into your world


Wipe away those tears
And put on a brave face
You're a very attractive girl
There's no need to be disgraced
It's only one guy
That didn't want to know
But I'm here for you
And one step further you will go


(One thousand kisses)
One thousand kisses
(Can heal the pain inside)
Heal the pain inside
(I am determined)
So determined
(To turn your frown into a smile)
Turn your frown into a smile
(One thousand kisses)
A thousand kisses
(Can mend your broken heart)
(To get your life back on track)
I'm ready to start
I'm ready to start
I'm ready to start

Written by Stevie M [email protected]

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