Testo canzone di Bal Sagoth: Star-Maps of the Ancient Cosmographers

Star-Maps of the Ancient Cosmographers

[The Thaumaturgist:]

The Great Eye of the Universe opens! Through this astral art the secrets of the
cosmos are mine to know for the stars are my dominion!
Empowered at the periphery, ascending to the Id's eyrie,
The cosmos feathers her nest with fire
Ephemeral, the nexus calls, besieging cyclopean walls,
Branded deviant and pariah
Betwixt the hammer and the anvil are forged the stars
On the wings of the ersatz ones through the fathomless abyss

[The Thaumaturgist's Epiphany:]

Like a blackened and baleful sun shall I gaze down from beyond the cumuli and
the firmament upon you I alone must bear the burden of this fiend-wrested lore
New stars without number burn in the heavens, but the shadow of oblivion falls
ever closer

Shortly thereafter, the dreamscape began to fade, and reality beckoned my
consciousness away from the incredible vista In truth, I was indeed glad to

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