The sound that you're listening to is from my guitar that's named "Lucille"
I'm very crazy about Lucille
Lucille took me from the planatation
Oh and you might say brought me fame
I don't think I can just talk enough about Lucille
sometimes when I'm blue it's seems like Lucille trying to help me, calling my name
I used to sing spirituals when I thought that this was the thing i wanted to do
But somehow or another, when I went in the Army
I picked up on Lucille and started sing the blues
Well, now when I'm paying my dues
Maybe you don't know what I mean when I say paying my dues
I mean when things are bad with me
I can always, I can always you know, like, depend on Lucille

Sorta hard to talk to you myself
I guess I'll let Lucille say all of a few words and then

You know, I doubt if you can feel it like I do
But when I things about the things that I've gone through,
Like, well, for instance, if I have a girlfriend and she's misusing me
And I go home at night, and maybe I'm lonely, well, not maybe, I am lonely,
I pick up Lucille and then ping out those funny sounds that sound good to me, you know
Sometimes I get to play where I can't even say nothin'

Sometimes I think it's cryin'

You know if I can sing pop tunes like Frank Sinatra or Sammy Davis Jr
I don't think I still could do it
Because Lucille don't wanna play nothin but the blues
And I think I'm, I think I'm pretty glad about that
'Cause don't nobody sing to me like Lucille
Sing Lucille

Well, I'll put it like this
Take it easy, Lucille
I like the way Sammy sings and I like the way Frank sings
But I can get a little Frank, Sammy, a little Ray Charles,
In fact all the people with soul in this

A little Mahalia Jackson in there

One more Lucille

[Take it easy nowahhhh]

You know I gotten a lot of you months ago
Alot of you wanna know why I call the guitar "Lucille"
Lucille has practically saved my life two, three times
No kidding, really has
I remember once I was in an automobile accident
And when the car stopped turning over, it fell over on Lucille
And it held it up off of me, really, it held it up off of me
So that's one time it's saved my life

The way, the way, I, uh, I came by the name of Lucille
I was over in Twist, Arkansas
I know you never heard of that, but it happened
And one night, the guys started a ball over there, started brawling, you know what I mean
And the guy that was mad with this old lady
When she fell over this gas tank that was burning for heat, the gas ran all over the floor
And when the gas ran all over the floor
The building caught on fire and almost burned me up trying to save Lucille
Uh, oh, I imagine you're still wondering why I call it "Lucille"
The lady that started the brawl that night was named Lucille
And that's been Lucille ever since to me

One more now Lucille

Sounds pretty good
Can I do one more?

I got Lucille

Sounds really good
I think I'll try one more
All right

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