Caroline - you are my number one

Caroline - your lovin' came so strong

When your eyes first met mine - we both knew
What was comin' for me and for you

Sweet lovin' Caroline
you're to good to be true
Caroline - the way that you walk your walk

Caroline - and how I adore your talk

When your fingertips 're curling my hair
It's a feelin' beyond all compare
sweet lovin'

Makes me shiver from my head to toe
Caroline - you're so fine
you're a wonder of nature
Caroline - you're a wild flower growing so free
I'm so glad what a beautiful day when I found you

Caroline - can't you see you're my everything

What a sound you whisper in my ear

All the words that you know I'd like to hear

And when your body gently meets mine

We are far away from space and time

Sweet lovin' Caroline - make it last all our lifes

Caroline - you're so fine
you're a wonder of nature
No more tears
no more fears
no more lonely nights
'cos I got you
you're my hope
you're my dope

No one can ever cope
you got even more to show
You got style
you can smile
you got more than just only
Some sex-appeal - it's a hightime with you
Everything that we do
we're doin' with all our hearts
Caroline - you're so fine
you're a wonder of nature

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