Testo canzone di Bette Midler: Buckets of Rain (With Bob Dylan)

Buckets of Rain (With Bob Dylan)

Bette: Ohh-oh, Ohh-oh, ah
Sing to me baby, baby
Buckets, nuggets of rain

Bette & Bob: Nuggets of rain,
nuggets of tears
Got all the nuggets
comin' out of my ears
Nuggets of moonbeams
in my hand
You got all the love,
honey baby, I can stand

I been down, high like an oak
I've seen pretty people
disappear like smoke
Friends will arrive,
friends will disappear
You want me,
honey baby, I'll be here

Bette: Oh-oh, I'll be here
Sing to me baby, baby, baby
Buckets of rain

Bette & Bob: I like your smile
and your fingertips
I like the way that you move your lips
I like that heavenly way
you look at me
Everything about you is bringing me ecstasy

Little red wagon,
little red bike
I ain't no monkey
but I know what I like
I like the way you monkey around
Stick with me baby
and we'll never be found

Life is heavy
and life is sad
Life is a bust
when you think you've been had
You lose, you must do
and you do it bad
I do it for you,
honey baby, ain't you glad?

Bette: Oh, Oh-oh, oh-oh-oh, ooooh
Bobby, Bobby,
hey there Mister D,
you set me free Yeah
I don't believe I really said that

Bob: "Hum, meany"
Bette: "Oooh, you don't even know you have no idea"
Bob: "I don't want to know You and Paul Simon should have done this one"

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