For Our World

We need to stop, just stop
stop for a moment
before anybody says or does anything
that may hurt anyone else

We need to be silent, just silent
silent for a moment
Before we forever lose the blessings of songs
that grow in our hearts

We need to notice, just notice
notice for a moment
Before the future slips away
into ashes and dust of humility

Stop, be silent, and notice
in so many ways, we are the same
Our difference is unique treasures

We have, we are, a mosaic of gifts
to nurture, to offer, to accept
We need to be, just be
Be for a moment
Kind of gentle,
innocent and trusting
Like children and lambs
Never judging or vengeful
Like the judging and the vengeful

And now let us pray
differently, yet together
before there is no earth, no life
No chance for peace

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