Powwow Highway 49

Well I left my broke down pickup
down at Crow Fair
And I'm Colville Reservation Bound tonight
Well I live my life from day to day
Ya hand to mouth the only way
When pay day comes it's powwow 49
Well I'll fix my truck
this week in time for rollin'
And I'll work all week
and get my sleep tonight
But when Friday comes I'll go my way
Cause I don't know no other way
When pay day comes it's highway 49
Ya make my reservations for the road now
Cause every weekend
holds a powwow in summertime
Gonna hit that celebration
with a vengeance
Gonna roll down powwow highway 49
Gonna roll down powwow highway 49
Well I'll keep my eyes wide
open for the locals
Cause my reservation ride does 85
I've got lots more miles here left to go
And a couple months before the snow
So I'm headin' down ole highway 49
Ya, Ya, Ya, powwow highway
Ya, Ya, Ya, powwow highway

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