Testo canzone di Bugs In Amber: Yellow-Lit Long Hallways

Yellow-Lit Long Hallways

Better news came today we can leave this awful place- today
Yellow-lit long hallways I have paced through pondering fate- for days
Shake fists angry at the sky time well spent pleading your right to life
My tiny soul put through tasks flying colors now you've passed you passed!

The sun beaming down thru the fog warms my face now I am feeling good
I'm walking away with you in my arms I wish I never would
Ever think about this day,
I will not ever forget what I could have lost

I'm thankful to god for the moon and the stars and ice-cream we will share
The noises you make and the smile on your face, the wavy curls in your hair
And when I think about this day,
I will not ever forget what I could have lost

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