Im Not Just

feat Soulja Slim, T-Bo

[Soulja Slim]

Uptown !!


Umm hmmmmm CP3

I Don't Give A Fuck 2x

[Chorus] 2x

I Don't Give A Fuck,
Nigga What, I'm Bout It Bout It
I'm not just a good ass rapper

[Soulja Slim]

You don't wan' fuck wit me, I'm murdered out, I'm dirty south
We can push pistols off in yo mouth
I told you once what I was bout, guess you aint pay attention
You put yourself in this position, beefin was your intentions
I aint got time for that, I done that in my younger days
So I'ma lay low, knock you off your feet with the drum on the 'K
I love the town where they BLUCKA BLUCKA, BLUCKA BLUCKA
Constantly hearin BLUCK BLUCK, BLUCK BLUCK
Don't fuck with me bitch nigga
I'm Gunsmoke the ditch digga
Go getta, Cisco fa sho nigga, ya know me
If I holler Whodi, my soldiers comin without questions
Suited and booted, facial expressions full of that foolishness

[chorus] 4x


Ya'll heard of me, I'm Callio and I don't give a Lily
From a gunpoint range I'll have you lookin silly
I'm C-Murder, plus I'm murdered out
I'm representin, every nigga up out that dirty south
I keeps it trill, worth a mill, plus 20 mo'

And still you'll catch me in the projects by the liquor sto'
Cause I don't give a fuck, a nigga buck, I buck back
Niggas pull they shit, and cock they shit, you already hit (BLOO!)
Aint that a bitch, I'ma head busta on the slick though
So watch a nigga, pop a nigga, drop a nigga
Shit, I aint forgot ya nigga
I love it when you iced up, that brings the price up
Ski masked nigga (gun cocks) don't make me put this mic up


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