I Know A Girl

Can you imagine?
I mean , can you imagine?

Can you believe it?
I mean , can you believe?
I know a girl
A girl who lands on top
You could put her face into a pail of
And she'd come up smelling like a rose
How she does it, heaven knows

Hold on, she's comin' out now well, doc, is she or isn't she?
She is

She is!!!

I know a girl
A girl with so much luck
She could get run over by a ten-ton
Then brush herself off and walk away
How she does it, couldn't say

Billy (spoken) doc, would you swear to that staemen in court
Doctor yes
Billy good uh button your fly

Velma (sung)
Whilst I
On the other hand
Pur my face in a pail of slop
And I would smell like a pail of slop

On the other hand
Get run over by a truck
And I am deader that a duck

I know a girl
Who tells so many lies
Anything that's true
Would truly cross her eyes
But what that mouse is selling
The whole world buts
And nobody smells a rat

Roxie (spoken) please, ladies and gentlemen of the
Press-leave the two of us alone so we can rest
Velma (spoken) the two of us?? (sung)
Can you imagin?
I mean, can you imagine?

Reporter (spoken) could I have one last picture please?
Roxie oh sure anything for the press

Velma (sung)
Do you belive it?
I mean do you belive it?

My dear little baby
Velma (sung, mocking roxie)
My dear little baby

My sweet little baby

My sweet little baby

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