Build It Up

On to be the sunshine on your window pane
Looking from a different perspective again
He steps on people like walking through air
that's ok for him because he just doesn't care
Take your time build it up and burn it down
Lives in a house with a velvatube blinds
Wines and beers and coffees of all different kinds
Living life in stupid patterns a bore
Your better off living like some dirty street whore
Take your time build it up and burn it down
Singled out and giving in - right when life
Starts to begin - now running away
In defiance - no more braindead compliance
He was gone so long - run out of luck
He doesn't know but he's a shmuch - his
Best freind is a yellow duck - that's why
He is such a dumb fuck!
Take your time to build it up and burn it down

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