Testo canzone di Compton's Most Wanted (MC Eiht): I Don't Dance

I Don't Dance

Scratching: [I can make you dance][I Don't think so]
[I can make you dance][On the dance floor baby]

I don't dance because that just aint my style
Portray the prep and act so buck wild
And when the Eiht bails to these local clubs
my first inspiration is to just get buzzed
Dress code inforced, just like I said I aint frightened
The homie dressed up is a brand new shirt and dickies
So I spot a female up to par, jump out my car
and head straight for the bar
As I proceed I got a shove in the back
Turned around and said "black, you hopping like your on crack"
But he was hopping, and spinning so fast, brother put me in a trance
mm-mm, I don't dance

Scratching: (and I will never dance) X2

The place is packed Just like ring around the collar
Bail up to the door and don't have to pay a dollar
"Compton's in the house" as everybody screams
as I dust off the sweatshirt and Levi's Jeans
Cant peep out the scene its a damn disgrace
Everytime I try a brother slides in my face
And I aint with breaking my back
Trying to impress a girl who ain't giving up jack
And I never see you leave with a girl
All that sweating dried out your curl
Too much ants in your pants
I aint hype, thats why I dont dance

Scratching: [I can make you dance][I Don't think so]
[I can make you dance][On the dance floor baby]
[I dont think so][I leave that to the brothers with the funny hair]

Now its 3'oclock, am, boy and I was gone
Grooving to the round the way girls song It was on
Downed the last of the Cogniac
Eiht was ready to attack
Grabbed the girl I was peeping
She was 5000 baby, I said "baby, aint no sleeping"
Get my gangsta slide to the middle
That pumped her up I seen her earings jiggle
Right then the crowd got crazy
But the DJ got kinda lazy
Through on the "Ice Ice Baby"
It just didn't fade me, thats why I dont dance

Scratching: [and I will never dance] X2
[I dont think so] X2

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