Fair Play

let's go on a shopping trip courtesy of uncle GNP
with the fearless leaders of the world
we'll dispense health and property
for the pigs at the top, we'll sling the most slop
they need more, more, so much more
it's going fast, it'll never last, pacify the middle class
teach 'em helping hands are crazy
all the hungry must be lazy
bread and circuses we suggest
calm the shouts, make a showing
keep the winds of change from growing
selfish escape, no sign of slowing


one man makes ten times the other
but is his worth ten times his brother?
some bask in food and land and light
while others sink within their sight
we bless it all without a fight
what's a priveledge? what's a right?
fair playplaying fair
you got it, you desrve it
why worry? why share?
fair play

behold the church triumphant, breathing life into worn out lies
who says we must choose between equal yet empty left and right
i'll never buy the line that this is the best we can do
community and fair share
common love and open hands
no empty words and no pipe dreams
no argument stands against what i've seen


one man dies for all the others
what was lost can be recovered
man needs bread from earth and heavan
neither hunger can be deadened
when a segment suffers the whole is threatened
priceless losses every second

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