Testo canzone di Cryptal Darkness: Descend Into Thy Grave

Descend Into Thy Grave

[Music: M Kelson]
[Lyrics: O Alexander]

My time has come to enter beyond
The realm of the lifeless
Dawn of grey take my soul away

Like autumn leaves that fall from trees
And voices of a winter breeze
These voices calling unto me
To enter the eternal drift

For I must depart this tragidy my life
I must end this misery Forever

Tears of agony
Fall from above
I gaze into the stars
Is she in the heavens?

Mother earth give birth to death
Love is the seed of life
Hate is the tree of death
It is now this tree stands tall

I kneel beside her grave
And cry for her return
Roses fall to the ground
But her soul still remains

We shall unite in eternity
Nothing can keep us apart
Blood pours of thy flesh
For you I take my own life

I watch myself bleed
A lake of sadness becomes dry
As I descend into thy grave

Tears of agony
Fall from above
I gaze into the stars
Is she in the heavens?

I visit her lonely grave
Lust for her I crave
Once so beautiful
Now she's rotted flesh

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