Testo canzone di Da Brat Tyrese: Signs Of Love Makin

Signs Of Love Makin

These are the signs dat are made for eachother
(are u dat zodiac freak?) whoa ooh wee

I'm a capricorn i came here to get manish
ooh i kno its good when u start speakin spanish
very sexually u full of energy
after i'm done u still tellin me u want me
Met a gemini eww wat a sex drive she wanted it
from front back left & the right
baby i will guarantee to give u everything your body's missing

These are the signs of love makin
Are u dat zodiac freak i've been lookin 4 girl u sendin me
Signs of love makin & u make me say oooh(2x)

(Damn how do i explain this next one this girl right here nearly blew

my mind let me explain)

I met a SCORPIO she had no limit to wea she'd go (oh yea)
She was so damn sexual she said Tyrese are u ready 4 me
I'll do anything to fufill your needs tell me what u want & i got ya babe
whisper in my ear while im drivin u crazy
smack it from the side while im grabbin them thighs
now i kno wat zodiac signs are all about


Libra Gemini Virgo r u wit me
yea yea yea
Pisces Aries SCORPIO r u wit me
say yea yea yea
Sagittarius Cancer & Taurus (yea)
I don't wat it is but u Leos drive me crazy
crazy baby


I was talkin to this girl one day and she asked me wat is your sign
of love i said a capricorn she was impressed baby wat is your sign
she said a pisces (of love) we connected & i think u kinna sexy baby

u said capricorn take my hand imma take u to lovas land imma
show u things u neva seen all night long baby babe my babe

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