Through Weird Woods

Damnation is sweeping through weird woods
Spoiled by a watchful, creeping dawn
For thousands rotting moments, it was unseen
While setting for the storm forlorn

Dark stained army praise my vengeful word,
ride by my side to crown the tempting heart
As grace resigns to this mighty sword
Grant death with honor, cause salvation dies

Stars in infested constellation,
A withering moon gleaming pale this night
Winds gather the taste of death and glory
Sounds of a furious battle echoes wide

I stole might's secret for desire to be free,
unveiled divinity to recall passions light
A promise of storms to reveal superior aims
a hymn to the fools letting their weak lifes

Follow my thirsting path to its celestial end
Inspire more for my godlike, fatal claim,
to ravish the vulnerability of the day !
The banisher of light, spread his name

Hear the breeze of a tattered whisper,
Filling the thick forest's deepest realm,
Proud fell into nightfall its hand
As the warrior left behind this land

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