Testo canzone di Dionne Warwick: Another Chance to Love

Another Chance to Love

Where you are, wherever it is
I'd give the world to be
'Cause I just can't shake you loose
Oh I wish there was a way to be over you.
Over you, I thought I was really getting over you
But the dreams still haunt my mind
And there's nothing anyone can do.

When I think of the good times we miss
Time doesn't make it hurt any less.

All we need is another chance to love
All we need is a chance to love again
And all I know is I miss you so
And I'd do anything to be holding you then
Til your back in my arms is feeling
All we need is another chance to love.

After you, it's gonna be hard to let somebody in
Cause there just ain't any room
And it's all that I can do, loving you
Loving you, it was so easy to be loving you
But I couldn't say it then
Now I'm telling you this all is true

And if I hadn't acted so proud
I know I'd still be holding you now.

Repeat Chorus

You and I, we gotta have faith
But when we love it's never too late.

Repeat Chorus

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