Testo canzone di Dionne Warwick: No One in the World

No One in the World

Looking back at all the good times we once shared
I must have been blind
Just to think I'd find someone new
One who'd love Me better than You
Well, it may come as a surprise
Loneliness has opened My eyes
I tried every love I could find
Still I can't get You out of My mind, 'cause there's

No one in the world to hold Me
No one in the world that moves Me
No one in the world Who loves Me like You do
And every time I'm with Someone
I'm loving You and I want to run
I want to run back to Your arms again
No one in the world loves Me like You do

Are You happy now in Your life?
Well, for Me, I'm breaking inside
So self-assured that I could not see
I had it all when You were with Me, now there's

Repeat Chorus

Please take Me back
I can't go on and pretend I'm happy in My life without You
I'll do whatever it takes to have You with Me again
You see, I need Your love
I need You so in My life

Repeat Chorus and fade

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