Anarchy Waltz

It's that smell of despiration all around me in the air
It comes from quiet inspiration, self destruction, and despair
What you call harmless expression they call moral decay
What you see here in the mirror, what we need's to be free

Everybody, everybody listen to me
Anarchy is what we need
Everybody, everybody hear my call
Everybody do the Anarchy Waltz
A-a-a-a Anarchy Waltz
Oi-oi-oi-oi Anarchy Waltz
A-a-a-a Anarcy Waltz
We were sittin at a table in a bar at new Orleans
That is when she broke the news to me
that she would have to leave
She said that we'd better leave and I'll have to break your heart
There is one thing you gotta know, that is before we start

A-a-a-a Anarchy Waltz
Oi-oi-oi-oi Anarchy Waltz
A-a-a-a Anarcy Waltz

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