You Stole My Heart

(Dr Sin)
When I saw you for the first time
I felt my heartbeat growing stronger
You came to me just like a vision of hope
And I knew we'd be together somehow
You gotta know
You're all I want
Only you make me feel
I don't have to die
To go to heaven
Baby, baby, you know I need you
Just like I need the air I breathe
You changed my life
You wake up my feelings
I never knew love, I was blind
Now I see that
You stole my heart
Anytime you're not right next to me
I'm so afraid you'll stay away
There is no way to go easy
with love
It can be so dangerous
But it's time I must try
You gotta know
you're all I want
Only you make me feel
We don't have to die
To go to heaven

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