From birth an existence of agony begins that ends with execution
Intetionally infected with diseases to then
try to find cures for humans Fractured skulls,
broken bones, scalded flesh and blinded eyes For medical research and
cosmetic testing animals suffer and die
Walls conceal the tortured victims of vivisection
Nothing of value can be gained
for science or medicine when the price is a helpless animal's life
An animal becomes a subject - their pain a mere reaction
Harmless testing alternatives ignored - they refuse
to end their profit system The suffering benefits mankind - the excuse
for demented scientists whose brutalization
of the innocent denegrates humanity's existance
When education and peaceful
protest can't bring their liberation the strategy
for their rescue changes into militant intervention
Every action has an impact
Every life saved is a victory
The truth known by the caring few who wage guerilla warfare
to end this atrocity
Severed locks, doors wrenched from hinges,
the animals deliverance from torment and captivity
Vivisectionists dragged into
the street and shot as flames engulf the laboratory
Justice's hammer falls again and again until it ends when the price is a
helpless animal's life

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