Make You Mine

[Verse 1: Fabolous]
Yeahuhh I know I make u wanna leave the one you with,but I aint lush Ramon Im the kid that they rush to blamin, for the crush they claimin Who can make em blush the same when I ask Whats my name and they yell F-A-B-Ohh You shouldnt have even brought her my direction Unless she was handcuffed with an order of protection, yeah Im talkin wreckless now Cause im the reason that your girlfriends are your exs nownigga
[Verse 2: Mike Shorey]
Im the fella that keep em yellin and its nuttin to get em I dont sweat em it what I tell em And they quickly forget em And I bet em I get them to forget the day that they met em And I let em cause I can spend em And its more then the denim But Ive been born to move, while you dudes be sleeping The coupe on 22s keep the Shorey sneaking And she wont tell the truth she too used to creepin The mis is in the booth its the truth im speaking
[Verse 3: Fabolous]
Any girl I gave it to Cant even go love another man I give it to em like no other brother can She say my man can barely move me Before you made me scream like a scary movie On top of that im smoother then the rest of the gangstas And I knew that dude you met was a wanskta oh Damn homie your girl is with the street Fab Homie And aint fuckin with you
[Verse 4: Mike Shorey]
Its a shame you lames Cant even maintain your thangs And its insane the way that she gave me brain I pimp things the same dont forget the name And when chicks peep the chain they just cant restrain Shorty dont try to fake it just up and face it Your time is being wasted your mans a basic See it all in his face that he's cheap and tasteless But life is what you make it just watch the bracelet
[Verse 5: Fabolous]
I bet your man cant do it like me His veins dont pump pimp fluid like me Hes nowhere near or like me And he probably think keeping you in check

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