So Into You

Baby girl
I really like
Desert StromYeah, Yeah

(Verse 1) Fabolous

I can't really explain it
I'm so into you now
I wanna be more than a friend to you now
When they ask I mention my baby girl in the interviews now
And I don't bring the problems from the 90's in the 2 thou
That's the reason I have a friend or two now
Cause the kid's ready to tell how he fell in a few vows
Maybe I speak in general now
But girl i'm a do whatever just to keep a grin on you now
Where I go they wear bikini's in the winter two now
What you think about tan lines on the skin of you now
Why wouldn't I wanna spend a few thou
uhFifth Ave, shopping sprees, and those dinners to chow
I ain't concerned what other men would do now
As long as when I slide up in you ,you growl
And any dude with you he better be a kin to you now
And I ain't jealous it's the princible now
I'm so into you

(Chorus) Ashanti

I really like what you've done to me
I can't really explain it
I'm so into you

I really like what you've done to me ( I really like)
I can't really explain it ( I can't explain it )
I'm so into you

( Verse 2 ) Fabolous

Come on ma'
It's more than the flashin', I woulda' traded it all in a ordinally fashion
A villa in Florida we crashin'
Just off the shore, so you can hear when the water be splashin'
Drop top pre in the quarta' we dashin'
Flawless diamonds in the boarda' flashin'
And the money we outta be stashin'
I make sure every quarta' be cashin'
I can't really explain it
My friends be thinkin' i'm slippin'
These girls be thinkin' i'm trippin'
What kinds of weed he be smokin', What type of drinks he be sippin'
Sweet thing just to think of you dippin'
You had me with the blues so hard, you would think I was crippin'
Now you relaxing in the benz
Credit cards with no limit, so you won't worry about maxing when you spend
Ever since you been asking about the friends
How'd you like if both our names had Jackson at the end

( Chorus ) Ashanti

( Verse 3 ) Fabolous

I don't need trip where truth is
Girl the way you put this state, remind me of the strips on rofess
You love my smile no matter how chip my tooth is
With you it ain't because my wips is ruthless
So sit on chrome dipped up dueces
And you ain't flattered by canaire mvs dipped Jasues
Cover ballers look dumb when they pressure 5 or 6's
You don't let them kind of numbers impress you
Even though I was somewhat sucessful
Being a player was becoming kind of stressful
But ever since this superwomen has come to my rescue
My winters be wonderful, my summers be special
Let's fly to St Barbra, the villa be painted
Just so we can get really aquainted
The love is there
Theres no way it could feel like it's tainted
But I can't really explain it, yeah

( Chorus ) Ashanti

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