Cold as Ice

I'm going out to war; I have to face the pain
We're damaged people and we suffer from our own reign
Trapped in my own domain, I wonder; who's to blame?
We can't pay the prize for this kind of paradise

I'm going out to war, don't wanna live in vain
I have to meet my enemy; I've had in my dreams
I've lost my empathy, I crashed my harmony
We'll never see the day if we don't role the very dice

I send you my life I send you my soul
Enlighten me again I'm awake

I feel cold as ice, I am hypnotized
Always turn away
We are cold as ice, in a big device
We'll drown in our own clay
I feel cold as ice, I am paralyzed
Always turn away
We are cold as ice, in a big device
Why did we go astray?

I walk across the end, and lose my clarity
We're the children and we're diving in the blackest sea
Who do we think we are? Just a grain of sand
But so much power; in this tiny little human hand

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