Butterflies inside you give me butterflies inside X3
verse 1:
all u gotta do is just walk away and pass me by
dont agnologe my smile yea when i try to say hello to you
and all u gotta do is not answer my calls when im tryna get through
to keep me wondering why and all i can do is sigh i just wanna ohh
I just want to touch and kiss
and i wish that i could be with you tonight
you give me butterflies inside
inside and I
verse 2
all i gotta say is i must be dreaming
cant be real
your not here with me
i can feel u near to me
so i carress you let u taste us
just so blissful listen i would give anything make my dream come true baby you give me butterflies
chorus X2
if you will take my hand babyi will show you guide you to the light babe
if u will be my love baby i will love u
love u till the end of time
chorus X3

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