Mona Lisa

Another lonely day I'm looking at your picture
I love the way that you compare
And even though that you're not much for conversation
I can't help but wanna stare
My Mona Lisa

Another piece of coal I'll scratch you on the surface
I feel my heart begin to care
And even though your mom-n-dad don't really think so
You'd look good with purple hair
My Mona Lisa

I'm turning on the brights of my imagination
My masterpiece tonight
My Mona Lisa

Another painful day I struggle with proportion
I'll work until I get it right
I'll change your face and I might even change your outlook
I'll make you wanna be alive

I know your momma's sad,
I know your daddy's sad,
The world don't look that way
And I'll show you

I'm gonna make ya smile
I'm gonna make ya blue
I'm gonna make ya fly
And I'll change you, I'm gonna change you

I'll turn it all to white- a simple alteration
I'll stop your wandering eyes
My Mona Lisa

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