Never Surrender

Same old story, same old game
You hold the power and I
I keep the pain
Yeah I keep the pain
You say wrong when I say right
Saying black when you should say white
Believe me, this fight is all insane
Every time you're in need
You run the way back to me
And the smile on your face
Is an every days mystery
I can't tell you how I feel
What's illusion, what is real
But tonight I won't give up
The role of pretender
I'll give no mercy, not this time
You won't break this heart of mine
Cuz' tonight I won't give up,
I'll never surrender
I need a break, I'm outta here
Time has come to make things clear
Believe me, that's only wasting time
And if I'm wrong so tell me please
I'll go down right on my knees
Believe me, baby baby, believe me
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