Legion Of Giants

The roar of wild beasts cuts through emptiness
Fear falls upon the earth and forms the hearts of enemies
The day when the betrayers see their last day
came with rumbling chariots
I see pale faces full of fear
Eyes full of fright which have seen the coming death
among the banners of Valkyries
I raise my sword to inflict the merciless sta
The flare of fire and the swirling smoke
The smell of blood and unprotected death
The chariots of Valkyries transform in the sky
The Legions of Giants retreat from the fire of Wotan
Their anger remains crushed on our shields
The Fires burn the earth
Human life is not worth much at this point
Its a day when a human
stands against a human
Its a day when born instincts
and the wisdom of races decide about their survival
Embraced by the madness of fighting
I can't tell the dead from the alive
above my heads thunderbolts
far away in the distance screams of beasts
The Earth trembles under the hoofs of the riders
The beasts hurl cannonballs of fire
my swastika embraced shield protects me
from the power of their destruction
they fall underneath my sword
those who survived through the charging Valkyries
their begging for mercy means nothing to me
winged warriors of Wotan

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