Well life is a gamble and the days, they're just so many decks
Oh the hours are cards they deal and you play what you get
Oh you think of the the time that you knew you could call so you raised
Oh you think of the the time that you got out when you should have stayed

Deal, hey may be the next card's an Ace
Deal, you ought to go home but you know that a Flush beats a Straight
Oh, you can't have a Full House the Queen has been dealt to a friend
Oh, the good thing about life is they shuffle and they deal life again

Well the cards are all stacked when you're hot and the women are too
Oh, it's a hard cut to take when you raised every hand but you do
Well I'm not complainin' it ain't like a Joker to cry
Oh, it won't do to cheat 'cause you have to cash in when you die

So deal, hey may be the next card's an Ace

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