Testo canzone di Harvey Danger: My Human Interactions

My Human Interactions

As I write this song on camera
an extra and some background
resembling the type which I do not
The scene is a commercial
the product has no function
Don't bother telling the crew
But who has time
when we're losing light

If I conjured this as a fiction
I'd be scared I'd gone too far
But tonight I'm not working on my human interactions anymore

The camera man is balding
and the tempreture is scalding
because the lights that light the night are too bright
See the pole beside the actor
I'm the one behind it
The talent is engaged

If I contemplated the message
I would have never signed the form
But tonight I am not working on my human interactions anymore

If I thought that you could see me
I'd be too anxious to perform
But tonight I'm not working on my human interactions anymore

Pray to the god that you don't quite believe in
to bless this fleeting moment

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