Pity And Fear

Remember pericles?
He democratized the city with his mind
A little wisdom never hurt anyone
Tell that to socrates!
Telling the citizens what they needed to hear
(but still, they fed him hemlock)
Now, the greeks don't speak my language
I don't get the relevance
I am the reverence, i have no reverence
Show me no deference; i'll do the same for you
La la la la
Did you ever know you're my tragic hero?
You be the pity, i'll be the fear,
And every subscriber will know what a truly
Great man you are
In the conference room he said to me, quote,
¡°avoid your generation's proclivity for irony and negativity
Held so commonly - don't let me down, son
There was a car, the wheels came off it,
And i know that nobody never made a profit
Censor your gravity, boy,
I'm counting on you to be my protégé
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!
Cast it off with the rest, flip,
Your footsteps are filling up
Every time you turn around,
You can see the idols and you'll be knocking ¡®em down,
One, two, three, four, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!¡±
Did you ever know you're my tragic hero?
You be the pity, i'll be the fear,
And every advertiser will know
What a truly great man you truly are
Some with it politics like andorra
Some take it on like a mantle
Some can't hold a candle
Some touch, some damn it
But now i can't!
Such a tragic hero
You're my tragic hero
Such a tragic hero, ohh,
He's my tragic hero

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