I Wish I Wasnt

[First Verse]

I'm home alone again
And you're out, hanging with your friends
So you say, but I know it's not quite that way
It's getting pretty late and you haven't checked on me all day
When I called you didn't answer
Now I'm feeling like you're ignoring me

I wish that you were home
holding me,tight in your arms
and I wish, I could go back
To the day before we met and skip my regret


I wish I wasn't in love with you
so you couldn't hurt me
It just ain't fair the way you treat me
No you don't deserve me
Wasted my time thinking about you and you ain't never gone change
I wish I wasn't in love with you
so I wouldn't feel this way

[Verse 2]

When you touch me my heart melts
and everything you did wrong I forget
so you play me and take advantage
of the love that I feel for you
Why you wanna hurt me so bad
I believed in you thats why I"m so mad
now I'm drowning in disappointment, and its hard for me to even look at you

I wish that you were home
Holding me tight in your arms ooh baby
I wish I could go back
To the day before we met and skip my regret


Said you care about me, but from what I see
I ain't feeling that, so I disagree
gave you all my love and understanding and you treated me like your enemy
so leave me alone, don't want nothing from you
just go back where you came from this house is no longer your home
you can not never come no more

[Chorus (repeat 2x)]

I hear you knocking at my door again
I'm wondering should I let you in
I open up the door and see the flowers for me so beautiful in your hands
You start begging me

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