They say you took something that belonged to them,
And maaan, they're gonna kick your white a !

I'm just a middleclass white kid from toronto,
Inspite of how I sound,
My single went platinum, I'm bigger than marley, jimmy, and yellowman,
But I'm not even mulatto,
My reggae's watered down,

Hear me on the radio, think I could not be blacker,
But on my video, you see I'm really a cracker,
Pretending I was a rasta since I was in jammies,
I should paint my face and start belting out mammy,
You can criticise me all the way to the bank,
My single's number one and shabba don't rank,
Time Warner kicked Ice-T off of the label for dissing the cops,
They said it just aint right,
But when a Caucasian man records a capitan song,
They don't have a problem,
Must be an oversight,
All the Jamaicans think I gave them a bum steere,
But everything I know, I learned from a auctioneer,
The bidding will start at seven for this here gauguin
Eight, do I hear eight, nine who'll give me ten,
I got ten, ten gone once, going twice sold
I can spout jibberish, and it will go gold,
I am what I am and that's all that I am,

(Weird noises)

I rap in your songs with the best of my abilitity,
You need a black man to increase your credibility,
When put on the spot, I side with the rasta,
Cause the sean aint down with no imposter,

Like vanille ice the people are sick of me
They put my boom boom down
In four month my butt will be back in canada working a dayjob,
And with a burgercrown,

(Weird noises)

Would you - would you - would you like fries with that,
A hot apple pie with that,
Just drive around man,
Blue class,
Cool running,
Hey man,
You wouldent hit a man with glasses, would you man,
I warn you man,
I shot the sherif,
Exodus ho now
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