Testo canzone di Jimmie Dale Gilmore: One Endless Night

One Endless Night

One Endless night
So very long ago
Close as the moment
I held someone
To be the last
To be the only one
For all and everything
One Endless night

When you awoke
And told me of your dream
The waves that rolled across
The starry skies
And broke upon
Your heart and disappeared
And promised everything
One Endless night

I see you now
And I suppose
Everything's changed and rearranged
But no-one knows
The why or how
Or if it might
Be what depends on how it ends
One Endless night

Your gift to me
Is nothing I can hold
The silence fades away
To find the song
This, too, shall pass
We two and everything
And this your gift to me
One Endless night
This is your gift to me
One Endless night

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