Mary, I guess it's time for me to speak the truth
And tell you how I feel

You used to turn away when ever I had caught your stare
I know sometimes I made you feel as if you wasn't there
You would make such an effort just to get my attention
How can you blame me baby cause I didn't know

Girl you never told me tell me why
(You should have said something)
Oh why?
(It's too late now)

- Chorus -
Mary (Mary)
I know that you want me (I know that you want me)
So I'm saying I'm sorry (sorry)
That I never gave you time (Oooh)
Mary (Mary)
To save you heartache (heartache)
Think it's time we should say
I can never be the man that you need

Sometimes I wish on stars that
We could have lived on Mars and
There would be no temptation
That's just imagination
Maybe because of Lisa (Maybe)
Or was it down to Keisha? (Maybe)
If you'd have fought your corner, we'd be happy ever after

So save your questions
Cause there ain't no answers
I can't help, you're on your own

- Chorus -

Marvin (Spoken):
Mary, I wish you'd have said something
How was I supposed to know?
I'm sorry for how I treated you
And kept you hanging on
I guess I've gotta be cruel to be kind
I'm sorry

- Chorus - x3

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